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- stoneware griddle insert
+ stoneware griddle insert

The revolutionary way of baking with an inside and outside barbecue that does not create smoke and clutter. It has a large, ceramic, non-stick baking grid so that the food does not stick to it, cook evenly and taste better. Because it is non-stick, you can bake even the most delicate food like fish and not stick. All the surface of the grill is heated at the same time so the food is cooked perfectly from the inside out. Fats fall from the source of heat that you are The grill is easily cleaned with a simple sweep but can be washed in the washing machine as well as the rest of the parts. It has a thermostat to adjust the temperature you need. Easily store in a drawer or in a cupboard. Use it everywhere. On the kitchen counter, on the table, on the balcony, in the yard. It is lightweight and easily transported.

GIFT: Recipes Guide

Dimensions: 40.5 x 35.5

Power 1250 Watt

Warranty 2 years

The product has CE

Shipping costs 6,90 euros

There is also a second smooth, ceramic baking plate that alternates with the striped plate at the price of 24.90 euros. Ideal for bacon, eggs, pancakes, tortillas. Add finely chopped meat, fried rice, and vegetables for a great suggestion.


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