The Products, prices, shipping terms (place, time, etc.) are those listed in the Confirmation of Registration of your order. Payment is made before or during the delivery of the product and can be made with one of the following payment methods.

1. Cash on delivery of the price of your order upon delivery of the product to the place you chose.
2. Payment by Credit / Debit Card. If you have chosen a payment method through credit, debit and prepaid cards of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover or by using the Masterpass e-wallet, our website refers you to the completion of the secure form.
The card details you provided will be processed with SSL encryption. For credit and debit card payments, you are required to enter the CVV (Card Verification Code), a code printed on the card that serves as a security code when trading transactions. Credit cards will be subject to approvals and controls by the issuing company, and if that entity does not approve the payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or failure of delivery and we will not be able to ratify any contract with you. In case your card is rejected, it may be due to the following reasons:
The card may have expired.
Check if your card has exceeded the expiration date. The card may have reached its credit limit. Check with your bank if your card has exceeded its credit limit. The information you entered may be incorrect. Check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.

3. By deposit in a bank account of our business. If you encounter any problem with your card or wish to complete your purchase through a bank transaction, please contact us at +302310290600 to inform you about the bank accounts to which you can make a deposit. For your convenience, please provide the bank’s depository with your Name and Order Number as a reason. Then please send the deposit receipt via e-mail to the

The bank account in which you can deposit the money is:
Bank of Greece: National Bank of Greece
IBAN: GR2301102120000021244066649

* Attention the customer is charged the bank fee (“OUR” commission), in case of bank transfer from another bank.

* Be careful if the customer makes his payment from another bank. a commission of 3.00 € is charged.

the has chosen the best partners to guarantee the security of your encrypted and secure payments. Payments are made through the secure environment (SSL). All banking information is confidential. The